Thursday, December 30, 2010

the crazy shopper

hello, my name is sarah. I am going to the storre today and your comming along! 5 min later. oh you shoud no im rich. now come on. we are in the store now so hay look at that. oh i want that dress and that one and that one and that hay look a red purse. i want that one and that one and that hay look at that. its a the latest makup. up want that lipstick and that blush and that powder and that comb. hay, theres a giant mirror. ok so now lets go up the escalater. hay look. a giant king size bed. wo, a lamp. i so need this. ahhhhhh! a plasma screen. wo, a couple paintings, i want that one and that one and that one and wo, electronics, i want that big computer, the laptop, the I pod and the phone. ohhh, tanktops i want that one and that one and that one. oh look at those skirts. i want that one and that one and that one. wow look at all those shoes. i want that pair, and that pair and that pair. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh! instermenst. i want those drums and that guitar and that keyboured. well im done for today. so lets check out. ohhhh, look at my check.

3 dresses
3 purses
3 makeup items
1 comb
1 giant mirror
1 king size bed
1 lamp
1 plazma screen
3 paintings
1 giant conputer
1 lap top
1 Ipod
1 phone
3 tank tops
3 skirts
3 pairs of shoes
1 drum
1 guitar
1 keyboared

$830, 895.50

Monday, July 26, 2010


sport. baseball
color. blue
food. chicken @ rice
car. R.V.
name. ross
fruit. apples
vegtable. green beans
restraunt. arebees
wether. sunny
tree. apple tree
game. candy land
T.V. show. handymanny
movie. handy manny
movie charecter. handy many

thats Tate. ps. ladys moving into 1st. he's available

Sunday, July 25, 2010


sport. baseball
color. red
animal. cobra
wether. sunny
food. mac @ chees
name. george
game. monopoly
TV show. spongebob
movie. karaty
movie charecter. jimmy from jimmy neutron
fruit. grapes
vegtabl. corn
age. 8
car. toyota

thats sawyer, ps. girls moving in to 2nd, he's available.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


woodlands5. deer. deer are pretty big. boy deers are called bucks. bucks have big antlers and love chilly mornings.the girls are called do. do have no antlers. the good thing is, instead of antlers, they have white spots. they are smaller than bucks and have less meat on them. there fast, and think orange is brown. orange is the only color deers mistake and is like signs for other hunters so they don't shoot you.

eat. grass
live. the woods, they don't have a pacific home
wear. a brown shirts and messed up giraffe shirts
name. deer, do, buck

question. what do woods birds like eating the most

PS. next is the [----]

Saturday, May 1, 2010


woodlands 4, squirls. squirls are verry cool, egspeshualy flying ones. they are brown and have tow buck teeth. squirls eat nuts and hide them in trees. [ fact, flying squirls just glide in wind ]. pretty cool ha. the squirls hide nuts in trees for hybernating and keeping away from predadors.
you can find them in clean parks and the country trees. they are mean to people some times. there naturall predator is a dog. there fast on there feet and and in air.

live. trees
wear. brown shirt
color. brown
food. nuts

ps. next woodlands is on deer

and jim, i dont no how to light up the back

Friday, April 30, 2010


woodlands, armadillo. armadillos are little tinny. they curl up like hedge hogs when danger comes. there kind of like possum's bu curl, not Dy. there yellow and don't have a armor hard shell. I think there cool from the roll deal, bu that's a opinion. any way, they are really cool indeed and i want you to tell me why they are cool to you.

live. they live in holes i think
color. yellow
wear. a wrinkled yellow shirt
eat. i think plants

PS. next woodlands is about squirls.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


woodlands 2, opossoms. opossoms are the best dead actors in the woods. they play dead when dangers near. there white and come out at night.they eat cat and dog food. my dad killed one in are front yard. cool ha. they have a pink nose like the star nosed mole. i dont no if they rilly hang by there tails in trees upside down in trees.

food. iv'e only seen them eat cat and dog food.
wear.long sleave white shirt.
color. white.
job. actor.

ps. next animal, armadillos.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


woodland 1, raccoons. raccoons are bad animals. they are like humans because of there hands. they can rip open trash bags and every thing. they live in trees. they look like and acked like robbers. they steel dog food, cat food, and trash. they look like it because it looks like they have a black mask on. they are the best movie woodland animal actors. they are because they have the most human like animals. over the hedge, that new nature pressure movie. they are some of the most worst animals in the woods.

food. i think apples
like. trash
live. trees, woods
wear. black mask

please come back tomorrow for a nother woodlands. next week, opossum's.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

famly and me

if you want to no my famly. your at the right blog. my famalys names are keaton, sawyer, tate, amber my mom, kirk my dad and are cat indiana. grandparents, gim as poohpa, virgina as grammy, joyce as grammy, eli as pop, and gramma scot. aunts and uncles, uncle kevan, aunt michale, uncle adam, and aunt carla. cousins, jordan, kayla, cody, dawson, mariah, and cammele. pets, baby girl, ozzey, indiana, lussy, ty, puddles, ienstien, daisy, and luke. some of are dead relatives are grandma goodrum, grandpa scot, and nanny.

im keaton goodrum. im the oldest of 3. tates 5, sawyers 8, and im 9. my birthdays augast 3. and i have the best famaly. i love fish sticks. my best friends are Elijah Loyd, Connar, and hessly forthman. im a braineack big time. im a funny man because if im in a room with friends, ones at least laughing every miniut after im warmed cat indiana is sawyers cat and mine.

indiana and luke, cats. ozzey, daisy, lussy, ty, and puddles are dogs. and ienstiens a turtle.

thats all. ps. ms tiffany, i do post offtan.


mom, Amber[] dad, Kirk

my mom is the best in the world. she cooks the best meals, exept for sloppy jo night. her best friends are mr. tiffany, ms. jennapher, and ms. lisa. shes on a diet. she cant eat grilled cheese, corn dogs, chicken, or cake. a laught of other foods are on the list of not eatting for mom. but she can eat vegtables, and fruits. she loves green apples and green grapes. we have to wake up at 8:00 for her guym thing. her blog name is rasing rascals. she owns a red van and is 32.

my dad is the best in the world. he works at siplast the roof macking coumpony. he loves his job and is the bos. his best friends are mr. wes, mr. danny, and mr. justin. he is kind of on a diet. he is on one, but he has a probloum with it. he eats all things. he's only able to eat fruit and vegtables. but hes not going on that gig. he owns a clean big truck, and is 32.

[ps. moms older by 2 months]

Monday, April 26, 2010

jokes from keaton

wat did the X say to the loud opera singer. your singing ends in a X-clamation mark my ladie friend.

what is the differants betwean a elaphaqhant and a mamouth, the elaphants a ice cube in spring.

last night, i saw this guy with a bump on his face. i asked him how he got that brose on his face. he said i smelled a brose. i said, theres no b in rose. he said, there was in that one.

please comment if you have any jokes. and ill put it on my blog.

animal poem

up in the world live big things and small. there bugs, mammals, reptiles, and things that are tall.
and ducks, cats, and things that fall.
dogs, wolfs, and bears and things.
hawks, birds, and bats with wings.
monkeys, mice, and killing rats.
penguins, fish, and ducks that are fat.
elephants, giraffes, deres, and me.
horses, lizards, and big fleas.
that's all for now, or a wile.
please stay happy, with a smile.
be careful Internet kids