Saturday, January 1, 2011

fairy tale

hay mom, its my first day of school. oh cool baby bear, Wat would you like in you're lunch bag. can i have a giant container of porage and a cup of honey. OK. i cant believe its you're first day of kindergarten. hay mom, can you walk with me to school. shore baby bear. 2 min. later. wow, all my friends are here. Hy humpty dumty Jr. Hy little red ridding hood, Hy Ty, spike, bob, Tim, Titus, Moses, Ezekiel, tom, sawyer, Pete, peter, and john, or should i say the 12 kids that live in the shoe, hy tortas. Hy hair. Hy cousin Goldy lox. Hy baby wolf. Hy shoe elf, and Hy jumping moon cow. OK class, my name is Mr. bbbbbbaaaaahhhh man. oh ya, bbbbbbbabbbbby wolf. please don't try to eat me, OK Mr. bahman. so are first thing to do is art. we will be making paper airplanes. ya, but how do we make paper airplanes Mr. bahman. we fold paper here and here and here Titus. thanks Mr. bahman. all of are paper airplanes are done. OK, time for lunch. Wat did everyone have. eggs, meat, shoe loaf, porage, porage, cupcakes carrets and turkey. 5 min. later. were all done, oh no, schools over. see you all tomorrow.