Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Super Animals

Once there were seven super animals. Each of them had a certain power. And each of them were a certain animal. An eagle, lion, alligator, deer, dog, meercat, and a rat were the super animals. The eagle had the power of freeze. He can throw water out of his mouth and it freezes stuff. The lion had the power of fire. He can fly, get on fire, and throw fire out of his mouth. The alligator has the power of camouflage. The deer can shrink or grow bigger. The dog's power is being able to turn invisible. The meercat's power is speed. He is faster than lightening. Last of all, the rat's power is that his tail can fling out as far as he wants it to.

The super animals have been saving lives for years. But, soon comes their biggest challenge of all. The ten thousand foot robot. The townspeople were screaming harder than a whole jungle could. The super animals just hopped up straight towards the robot's face. The robot certainly saw them coming. He picked his hand up, reached out, and caught the animals. Lion turned on flames. He burned the robot's hand and caused him to drop the super animals. Now, deer shrank, went inside the robot's mouth, and turned a little taller. Somehow, she came out the back. Eagle fly higher than the tallest skyscraper and blew out tons of ice. It froze the robot. Deer was kicking the back of the robot's head. Dog was barking loudly. Lion was on flames on top of the robot's head. Eagle was scratching the robot's side with his claws. Alligator was biting the robot's leg. Meercat was going around and around the robot while rat wrapped his tail around the robot's neck.

It was too much for the robot. He exploded. The townspeople went crazy. And no other villains came to their little town again, but the super animals still travel around the world saving the other towns.

The End