Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jonas Brothers

Once on stage, the final concert was on. It was on T.V, and stuff. Everyone was watching such as Lesly.T, Leasly.Y, Jon Henry and others. The one and only Jonas Brothers was who they were watching. Nick, Jo, and Kevin are the Jonas Brothers. A few months later, when they were out on vacation, that meant no concerts, but still fans.
One fans name was Jake Jill. Nick, Jo, and Kevin are at the mall signing autographs. Over 8,000,000,000 people all over the world wanted autographs. But here's how they became famous. It started 4 years ago. Once upon a time, Nick, Kevin, and Jo were in school walking in the hall. They were singing their favorite song. When they were acting like Jo singing and playing guitar, Nick playing guitar, and Kevin playing guitar. Then they raised their voices and every one in the school gathered around to hear them. The boys had the whole school clapping. Then they video taped it, put it on the internet, and posted pictures on everything. They did a concert on Friday and had the whole state at the concert. And that's how they became famous.

The End. written by Keaton

fake story!