Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the run away iphone

ounce a girl that 32 and was named Janell was buying a iPhone from a phone store in hot springs. After the lady in the booth started to pick up the iPhone and tell us about it. When she was done telling us about the iPhone, it stood up and said,''Later.'' The iPhone went around the store and opened every package with a electronic thing in it and said,''Run!'' After the iPhone said that, ear phones, iPhones, blue tooth's, they were all running to the wires and were going through the wires wile leaving there body's behind. The girl pressed a button on a vacuum and put to the edge of the wires wile putting there body's in the vacuum. Music was getting closer and closer. After that, Janell and the girl put the little trouble makers in a box and put them in jail.

The End

About The IPhone
  1. it's $300.00 [ you'll love the iPhone]
  2. you can pick your own wall paper and ring tone
  3. you can download itunes off the Internet
  4. you can download games
  5. it's a touch screen
  6. you can text in bubble's
  7. you can call
  8. you can make timers go off at a certain time
  9. you can get on Internet
  10. you can make a list
  11. you can get a different colered case
  12. it video tapes
  13. tells time Remove Formatting from selection