Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Very Muddy Day

Once there was a frog. He found a mud puddle after it had rained. He jumped in it, and was covered in mud. A meerkat came over and saw the frog. He jumped into the mud puddle, too. It splattered so far that it landed on an elephant in Africa. The elephant filled his trunk with air and let it out! He flew around the Earth 12 times! He caught up to 5 planes and 6 rocket ships. And then he landed right into the mud puddle! This time, the mud fell right off of the Earth. The mud formed a basket and an alien and 3 little kittens in the Milky Way hopped in it. With the mud, they also formed some balloons. They floated up to our world. The aliens got into their ship, and the 3 little kittens attached some milk bottles from the Milky Way. Both the alien and the 3 little kittens fell into the mud puddle. This time the mud covered the Earth. Every animal you could think of ran straight and landed in the mud puddle. This time the mud covered the universe. And everything you can imagine, even planets, were running straight for the mud puddle. The Earth exploded with mud, and the other planets exploded, too. This time nothing was seen, except for the 3 little kittens, the elephant, the meerkat, the frog, and the alien. Then mud started raining from a cloud. The meerkat, the alien, the 3 little kittens, the frog, and the elephant said, "NOT AGAIN!"

The End.